The future REPORT & RETREAT meeting of the ICIPS research unit (FOR 5098) will take place in face-to-face mode from Thursday 6th (midday) to Saturday 8th (midday) of October 2022 at the Villa Denis, near Kaiserslautern.

The first PI meeting of the ICIPS research unit (FOR 5098) took place online (due to Covid regulations) on Tuesday 8th of March from 15:00 to 17:00.

All PIs were present and decided about the place for the future REPORT & RETREAT meeting: two choices were presented by Annalena and Romain, either near Giessen or near Kaiserslautern.
A vote was realized and the place near Kaiserslautern was selected.

Decisions have been made about the Bioinformatics & the Soft Skills Workshops (which will be organized during 2022) and an update of the situation related to i) the ICIPS Twitter account, ii) the ICIPS Homepage as well as iii) the ELN used by the ICIPS members has been presented to the PIs.

PIs present: Prof. A. Becker (JLU), Prof. T. Dresselhaus (RU), Prof. S. Müller-Schüssele (TUK), Ass.-Prof. S. Sprunck (RU), Prof. G. Theißen (FSU), Prof. S. Zachgo (OU)
ICIPS-members replacing PI absence: Dr. K. Brinkrolf (instead of Prof. A. Goesmann – JLU)

Online Meeting (with all the ICIPS PIs)