Dr. Andrew Plackett (Birmingham)

Up to nineteen participants (including eleven ICIPS-members) were present in our Virtual room to listen and watch the presentation of Dr. Andrew Plackett (Univ. of Birmingham) about its very interesting fern-model: Ceratopteris richardii.

Thank you again, Andy !!

We are pleased to announce that our first ICIPS Seminar will take place:

– on Thursday 30th of June at 4pm (German time),

– in a Virtual BBB-Room (ask Webmaster for information).

Our first invited speaker will be :

Dr. Andrew “Andy” Plackett from the University of Birmingham

Title: Exploiting the fern Ceratopteris richardii to understand seedless plant reproduction

Abstract: Investigation of vascular plant developmental mechanisms have until recently been extremely difficult outside of the flowering plants because of a lack of appropriate tools. In the last 5 years, advances have allowed the adoption the fern Ceratopteris richardii as the first full genetic model for seedless vascular plants.  Seedless plant reproduction represents the ancestral state from which seed-based reproduction in the gymnosperms and flowering plants first evolved, and so provides a vital point of comparison to understand this evolutionary change. The first steps with this model have already proven useful in advancing our understanding of how floral genetic networks in the flowering plants may have evolved. I will provide an overview of working with this new experimental model and preliminary advances made by my lab towards understanding its reproductive development.

During the talk, the audience is invited to turn off their microphone and camera for network reason.

All ICIPS PhD students are expected to participate to this event.

You are welcomed to communicate information of this event to any researchers who could be interested by the topic.