Bioinformatical Training

The BIOINFORMATICS Workshop will be organized yearly by the group Z2 and will take place on the campus of the Justus Liebig university in Giessen during three following days.

The topic of this workshop could be related to, e.g. , RNA seq analysis, statistics with R, cloud computing, workflow compilation, visualization of large-scale biological data, …

The ICIPS PhD students are going to decide yearly about the topic of the workshop, according to their needs for their own project.

Here are the first choices of the students (these choices could change during the four-year period of the ICIPS projects):

Choices of the PhD studentsYearYearYearon 01.03.2022
Statistics with R (TO DO – Summer 2023)4105
RNA seq Analysis (DONE – 09/2022)4004
Cloud Computing2024
Visualisation of large Biological Data2114
Workflow Compilation2103