Fiddlehead Forum

We are pleased to announce that our first Fiddlehead Forum took place :

– on Thursday 13th of Oktober at 4.30pm (German time) / at 3.30pm (English time) / at 10.30am (East US time) / at 7.30am (West US time),

– in a Virtual BBB-Room.

Thirteen scientific talks were presented and discussed during more than two hours by twenty-five C-Fern Lovers/Experts, who joined this event. These C-Fern lovers are representing eleven different working groups present in six different countries (Germany, UK, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Mexico).

This Fiddlehead Forum aimed i) to form a hub for cooperation, ii) to exchange information/protocol/material and avoid redundant research, iii) to work together on resource establishment (collaboration, funding, …) and iv) to identify common research goals.

The organisation of this “C-Fern Meeting” has been an initiative of Annette Becker and Günther Theißen, two ICIPS-members as well as Andrew Plackett (University of Birmingham, UK) and Veronica Di Stilio (University of Washington, USA).